Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grails 1.1 Released

Yes! Grails 1.1 is out and available for download. Checkout my blog post on the SpringSource team blog for a more detailed overview of the highlights. It is a strange feeling after a release goes out, like a mixture of relief, happiness and that "ok what now" feeling. Maybe I take software too seriously :-|

Nice to see how Twitter is abuzz with the news (note live results, link will change overtime) right now. Other than that we are now planning the launch of the Grails.org plugin portal. To support that I have been writing a few plugins for Grails. It is niceto actually write Grails apps/plugins rather than work on the internals all the time.

Anyway the result is 2 new plugins called Commentable and Taggable that allow you to generically tag and comment on domain instances. I also have a new blog plugin in the works which will power the new Grails.org blog when that is ready. Actually its already available, but I need to document it better, and I'll save that for another post.

As for beyond Grails 1.1, we are now at the planning phase, but there are loads of things we are considering from OSGi to JCR to Cloud computing. Exciting times.


Dmitriy Kopylenko said...

Exciting time indeed. Congrats on the release, Graeme! The team did the fantastic job!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the effort. I am excited to give the new plugins a try.

Steve said...

Cloud computing support would be awesome! I think it would really hit a strong section of the Grails audience/user base.
And congrats on the 1.1 release!! I think this might be my time for a full jump-in-the-deep-end :)

Anonymous said...

Great job and thanks for the effort.. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This sure is great news!

masc said...

Wuhoo! Great news indeed. I'm glad standalone GORM made it.

neodevelop said...

Good news!!!
Thks for your great effort and congratulations...
This relese has many features and improvements, are awesome...
Simply: Grails Rulz...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort! Will be checking it out in our product soon!

Anonymous said...

We've already developed about half a dozen public Grails sites for our clients, and also a handful of internal Grails sites. Wouldn't go back to anything else. Looking forward to the 1.1 features.

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Raju Bitter said...

Great news, if I only had more time to try out the new features. Congrats to the Grails team!

Unknown said...

Nice job. And thank you for Maven support. It fits so nicely into my company now.

R.J. Salicco said...

Congrats! Can't wait to work with the 1.1 release.