Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Grails: JavaOne 2006 Slides Available

The slides that I presented at the JavaOne 2006 conference are now available to download from the Grails site. Alternatively here's a direct link.

Thanks to all of those that attended, it was a blast :-)

Grails & Oracle: First Grails tutorial on Oracle site

Nice to see Oracle re-affirming their committment to Grails by posting the excellent Grails on Oracle 10g tutorial written by Tug Grall onto the main Oracle developer website.

The tutorial walks you through how to setup Grails with the Oracle DB and Application Server including advanced configuration to use OracleAS shared libraries. Great stuff!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grails: Using Acegi Security for authentication

The great thing about Grails is that although on the surface it is simple and easy to develop with, underneath there is all the power of Spring & Hibernate.

As an example to perform authentication with Grails you could use action interceptors as described in the controllers documentation or alternatively if you want the power of declaritive security that a framework like Acegi for Spring offers then the underlying Spring configuration is there. In fact somebody has already done it and written a neat little walk through on how to go about configuring Acegi to work with Grails.

Power and simplicity, the perfect combination :-)

Codehaus Update: The distributations are available to download again, the images on the site are still broken, but the mailing lists are up! CVS is still down at the moment, but I've received assurances that it will be operational again soon.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Grails: Back from JavaOne / Codehaus Status

Well I'm back from JavaOne which went fantastically well (despite a minor hickup in the Eclipse demo!). Grails was well received and there seemed to be a lot of interest which is excellent. I met some interesting people, like members of the Hibernate and Spring teams and many of the IDE developers like those from JDeveloper, NetBeans etc. showed an interest in developing plug-ins for Grails which is excellent news.

I will be posting the slides I presented at JavaOne shortly, in the meantime though just a bit of a status update with regards to the Codehaus servers. It is damn annoying that the server went down over JavaOne and I don't want those who attended the session to lose interest.

Currently though the mailing lists, CVS, and the website are down. The Codehaus team are working as hard as they can to restore the site, I will post further updates when all services are working again, in the meantime if you want to get hold of Grails you can still download the snapshot builds from the Canoo build server and the Wiki is still available for the documentation.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Grails: Grails has Oracle's backing

Hello from the Wine Country! I'm currently in Sonoma north of San Francisco and will be heading to JavaOne in a couple of days! In the meantime the huge news is that we are getting more major players behind Grails. Every major open source project needs backing from the big players in the industry and Oracle have made a commitment (Thanks tug!) to get behind Grails which is fantastic news.

Its not quite clear at this point what that commitment will entail (I will be holding conversations at JavaOne), but the fact that such a huge organisation is backing Grails is a clear sign that Grails is making an impact and has the potential to succeed in the enterprise market.

In the meantime interest continues to gather pace with more committers and more interest so if you're coming to JavaOne remember to sign-up for the 2 sessions on Grails and see you there!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Off to JavaOne 2006

Well I'm packing my bags and am off to do some site seeing before popping into the JavaOne 2006 conference. If you havn't signed up for the Grails session and are interested in attending get on over there and do so! :-)

We should have the 0.2 release of Grails out shortly after JavaOne with several improvements and new features, but if you can't wait for that checkout the 0.2 snapshots on the downloads page.

See you there!