Thursday, October 18, 2007

Groovy Quote of the Day from Geertjan at Sun

"The main message I'm going home with is the rather obvious realisation that Groovy is in a completely different category to any other scripting language, because of its relationship with Java. Hence, lots of stuff (such as the Java debugger, as indicated above) can simply be reused when working with Groovy. That insight should also inform the tooling provided for Groovy." - Geertjan at the Grails eXchange

This is a great quote from Geertjan from Sun and highlights what we've been saying about Groovy for years: Java integration is more than being able to invoke a method on a Java class, it is object model integration, tools integration, debugger integration, profiling integration etc. etc. etc.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grails 1.0 RC1, IntelliJ 7.0 & Grails eXchange Day 1

You can probably tell by the title that I am trying to cram too much into one blog post, but anyway there you go..

First off, we released Grails 1.0 RC1 there first of a few release candidates that will go out before 1.0 final. Check out the release notes for all the good stuff in this release.

Second, JetBrains have released IntelliJ IDEA 7.0. What was simply the best Java IDE on the planet is now also simply the best Groovy/Grails IDE on the planet. Congrats to the JetBrains guys and check it out.

Finally, today was day 1 of the Skills Matter's Grails eXchange conference which went well. It has the feel of some of the No Fluff conferences I've been to and it is great to have so many people excited about Groovy & Grails in one place. Big thanks to Skills Matter for organising it all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

G2One: The Groovy/Grails Company is born

As announced to the Groovy & Grails mailing lists today we communicated the formation of G2One Inc, the source for Groovy/Grails expertise and today is my first "official" day as CTO at G2One Inc.

Almost overnight we now have like 4 fulltime people working on Groovy/Grails and what a difference it makes.

Exciting times. The ball is now rolling !

PS A special thank you to the guys at Skills Matter who I have, up until recently, been working for, for the past year. They're organising a great little Groovy/Grails get together and have been superb in their support for Groovy/Grails over the last year.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

SAP Using Groovy & Grails, Release Grails-based Product

SAP, one of the largest providers of enterprise software and services in the world today, have been using Groovy/Grails internally for a while now. I first met the nice chaps from SAP at JavaOne in May where they attended my half-day Groovy/Grails workshop.

However, the big news is the announcement that they have released a new community driven product called Composition on Rails (Side note - not sure DHH and co will be happy with the name, oh well...) that allows you to use their SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment to quickly prototype applications using Groovy/Grails. Exciting stuff!

Friday, October 05, 2007

LinkedIn Looking for Groovy/Grails Developers

The guys over at popular networking site LinkedIn are looking for software engineers with experience building web 2.0 apps preferably with Groovy/Grails. Check it out.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Refactr Interview Grails Dev Marc Palmer

Software consultancy Refactr have posted a great interview with Marc Palmer, one of the committers for Grails, about his experiences developing Grails apps.