Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grails at the London Java WUG

I'll be doing a talk at the London Java Web User Group on Building Twitter with Grails in 40 Minutes on Monday the 16th of February. If you want to come a long you need to register ASAP, the last talk I did we had to turn away people as we could only fit 70 in the room.

See you there!

Grails Happenings: 1.1, Wired, Book etc.

Regular readers, I must apologize for the relative lack of updates compared to 2008, but it seems I have caught the Twitter bug, where you can get more frequent ramblings of my activities.

Nevertheless, we are progressing well with Grails 1.1 which should be out this month. Loads of exciting stuff is on the way and I am really happy with what we have achieved. The Groovy 1.6 + Grails 1.1 combination is going to be a great one.

In other news we (SpringSource) have done a case study with about their usage of Grails. We hope to put out more case studies and white papers in the future about Grails for those looking to convince their managers that Grails is the way to go. You can download the case study here.

In other news InfoQ has a nice article up about Grails and Dynamic Jasper. For thsoe of you who don't know, InfoQ are also the organizers of QCon, which I will be speaking at in March. I'll also be doing a half day Groovy/Grails workshop at the JavaOne University this year if you're looking for a more comprehensive engagement.

Finally, Jeff and I completed The Definitive Guide to Grails, Second Edition which is a complete re-write (and a heftier one at that) of the original book with up-t0-date information covering Grails 1.0 and many of the features of Grails 1.1.