Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Terracotta meets Grails with the Terracotta for Grails plugin

Our busy community of plugin developers have been at it again and now there is a brand new plugin for Grails that adds support for the Terracotta data grid. It was always possible to do this with a bit of manual configuration, but now the plugin automates things nicely using a few new Grails command line scripts.

This is one of the really great things about Grails and Groovy, because Groovy classes are just standard Java classes it is possible to integrate Groovy or Grails applications with any existing Java infrastructure, including data grids like Terracotta and Coherence. Awesome stuff.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Groovy/Grails Community goes wild launches two sites

Wow, the Groovy/Grails community is really getting it together. First we had the launch of grailscrowd.com, which is a social networking site for Groovy/Grails people to connect with other Groovy/Grails people. The site is built on Grails and its only been up for a few days but aldready over 600 people registered. If you haven't done so do so! The source code for GrailsCrowd is also availabe at Github

Not to be outdown, however, Glen Smith has launched the Groovy Awards ! A site dedicated to nominating the best contributors and to the Groovy / Grails community. Awards up for grabs include Groovy / Grails t-shirts and other goodies. Check it out.

On my front, I know I have been rather inactive posting. Books are really all consuming beasts. I have given a go to twittering now and again about what I'm writing about, although I'm still not sure I "get" twitter.