Monday, June 16, 2008

Brian Guan on Grails at LinkedIn

Brian Guan, one of the pioneers of Grails use within LinkedIn, has started a blog series about their experiences with Grails. The first post presents the slides the LinkedIn guys presented at the recent Groovy/Grails meetup at JavaOne. It makes for an interested read so check it out!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Grails 1.0.3 Released

We've just released Grails 1.0.3, which includes 230 issues resolutions and improvements since the last release. The release notes go through the full details, including outlining some of the new features like enum support and interactive mode.

Grails has come a long way, since the release of 1.0 Grails has been downloaded over 186000 times averaging out to around 50000 times per month. That puts it on par or not far behind some of the biggest open source projects like Spring, Hibernate and Struts in terms of downloads.

The most exciting thing for me though is the plug-in community with over 70 plug-ins in the repository some of the new ones include Axis 2 support, Java2D with GraphicsBuilder and profiling (contributed by one of the biggest Grails users LinkedIn) and debugging plug-ins. Awesome stuff.

Now I'm shifting my focus to the second edition of the book, and feature development for Grails 1.1.