Monday, July 28, 2008

London Groovy/Grails User Group Meeting - 31st July 2008

I'll be giving a talk on the state of Grails at the London Groovy+Grails user group meeting on the 31st of July. Skills Matter are hosting it as usual, be sure to sign-up here.


erawat said...

I've registered for 3 days.However, I haven't received confirmation email yet.So,What am I gonna do? Can I go and meeting at skillmaster?

Thank :)

Graeme Rocher said...

Hi, if you haven't received confirmation I would ask skills matter by emailing info _at_

erawat said...

Thank you very much, Graeme rocher. Now I've received email

hendrixski said...

Oooh, a Grails Users Groug... kind of like a LUG but it's a GUG.

I should start something like this in Rochester NY... it would be RUG (Rochester Users of Grails). Heh.