Thursday, March 13, 2008

Large commercial Grails site goes live

Sky (commercially known as BSkyB), who are the biggest satellite broadcaster in the UK and largely owned by News Corporation (Rupert Murdoch et al), have re-launched their Sky showbiz news portal, powered by Grails.

The site was put together by energizedwork, a consulting firm in the UK, well done guys!

This represents one of the largest, commercial public facing Grails applications (that we at G2One Inc are able to talk about at least ;-) out there at the moment with traffic in the region of 186 million page views a month. Its great to see so many huge companies taking the leap to Grails, long may it continue!


Indy said...

This is really encouraging. I'm a ColdFusion person and have been looking at Grails and Groovy lately. I see quite a lot of benefits from a framework like Grails, and simply love the ease and power of Groovy.

More public-facing are needed to gain momentum and recognition. And launches of new sites in Grail need to be popularized to get the Grails brand in people's mindspace.

Anonymous said...

Great news!
I also have something to add to the Grails success stories. How that's possible? It would be nice to promote Grails via public list (permanently growing!) of sites built on it. What do you think?

Igor Shubovych said...

The best thing would be menu item "Is Used For..." with list of sites build on it.
And doesn't really matter if this web-site is commercial or not.