Wednesday, October 10, 2007

G2One: The Groovy/Grails Company is born

As announced to the Groovy & Grails mailing lists today we communicated the formation of G2One Inc, the source for Groovy/Grails expertise and today is my first "official" day as CTO at G2One Inc.

Almost overnight we now have like 4 fulltime people working on Groovy/Grails and what a difference it makes.

Exciting times. The ball is now rolling !

PS A special thank you to the guys at Skills Matter who I have, up until recently, been working for, for the past year. They're organising a great little Groovy/Grails get together and have been superb in their support for Groovy/Grails over the last year.


Anonymous said...

Great news. Congratulations Graeme! I am sure you will be doing some great work for years to come.

Stephan.Schmidt said...

Congratulations Graeme! I wish you much success with the new company.


Anonymous said...

Groovy news! Wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, is G2One a Grails app?

Peter said...

Congratulations, good news for you and for Grails! I'm sure it has a bright future. I have to do a project in Struts 1.1 at work and I'm missing Grails every minute.

Dmitriy Kopylenko said...

Congrats Graeme. Exciting times indeed!

Anonymous said...

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