Friday, May 11, 2007

The Grails US Tour: JavaOne Day 3 + Back to London

Well this is where JavaOne ends for me. This morning I met up with Geertjan (famous NetBeans guys from Sun) and his colleague Martin Adamek who were both extremely enthusiastic about Groovy & Grails support in NetBeans IDE. It was great chatting to them and hearing their excitment, it will be great to have Geertjan (and hopefully Martin) over at the Grails eXchange 2007 in October.

After that I went to Rod Cope's (the twice voted JavaOne Rockstar!) talk on "Advanced Groovy", which was awesome. Again a fairly full room (although not packed out like Guillaume and Dierk's Groovy talk) with around 300 people. The demos he did were fantastic, involving XML-RPC, ActiveX automation and all sorts. Very well put together, I imagine he has a chance for a hatrick of Rockstar nominations.

Now its back to the UK, with my flight leaving tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and returning to some sense of normality, but it has been a blast. Thanks go out to the No Fluff guys, the JetBrains guys and of course Sun for letting me do the half day Groovy/Grails talk which was very enjoyable.

Overall the conference has been a great success with so much excitment about Groovy and Grails. Hopefully we've impressed enough people to encourage greater adoption of Groovy as the major dynamic language platform for the JVM.

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