Monday, October 02, 2006

Grails Team Page, Podcast and Screencasts

It is really nice to see how the Grails community is really picking up recently. Thanks to Sven Haiges, one of our fantastic user community, we now have a weekly podcast just about Grails that has been running for the last few weeks. Sven has interviewed myself, Dierk and Guillaume over the last few weeks so its worth having a listen to the past broadcasts.

Sven has also taken it even further by producing the first Grails Screencast showing scaffolding in action. It is quite amazing that we have seminars, tutorials and presentations all centering around Grails written and delivered by the user community. It shows that Grails is filling a real void and even though we're only at 0.2.2 have found our niche (which may not always be a niche ;-).

We've also finally put together a proper team page so if you want to be scared take a peak!


Anonymous said...

Thanx Graeme! Just saw the post, now I know why download numbers are that high :-)

Anonymous said...

Hm ...seems the wiki needs some love. The links are broken like this. Check

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