Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Grails at JavaOne 2006

Well the session listings were posted a few days ago on the JavaOne 2006 conference website and if you browse into the Web Tier track you can see the details of the Grails session (BOF-2521) I will be presenting. Here's a quick link if you're lazy.

By that point Grails will (hopefully) have been released and a bit more interest garnered, but in the meantime checkout what will be covered.

Another interesting note is that there are 5 sessions (yes 5! There may even be more as I did my best to go through all the sessions but may have missed one) covering or related to the Groovy language. Making it the most covered dynamic language at the conference which is great news.

Also, don't forget to take in Guillaume's session on 'Simplifying Enterprise Development with Scripting' (TS-1246) and to those who are going to be there (Bob, you coming? ;-), see you there!

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