Friday, May 04, 2007

The Grails US Tour: NFJS Denver & JavaOne

Today begins my week long tour of the US doing various talks about Groovy & Grails. First up I'm heading to Denver to do 3 talks on Grails at No Fluff Just Stuff's Rocky Mountain Software Symposium, which should be fun. I then get a connecting flight to San Francisco where I'll be doing a half day Groovy/Grails Java University talk at JavaOne next week Monday. Also on Monday there is the Groovy/Grails G2One event I mentioned the other day which is also organised again by the NFJS guys.

Hopefully I'll then have time to take in some sessions before doing a couple of talks, first a Intro to Grails talks at the Oracle booth followed on Wednesday by my BOF. The schedule looks challenging, I imagine jetlag will kick in promptly, I'm going to miss my wife and kids like crazy, but it should be good fun. See you there!


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