Thursday, December 21, 2006

Groovy gets official backing and a full time developer

The events that have led to this announcement have been teetering in the background for a while now, but it is now official as published by eWEEK: Big Sky Technology (of No Fluff Just Stuff fame) has hired core Groovy developer Jochen Theodorou to work on Groovy full time.

This is huge news and means Groovy, for the first time, has full time resources to call on and shows that regardless of Sun's position on JRuby, Groovy is here to stay. 2007 is looking like a great year for Groovy & Grails :-)


Anonymous said...

This is truly great news. It hopefully will lead to major advances and have them happen quickly as we try to win the hearts and minds of all the Java developers out there looking for a new path.

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