Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Grails Live Webcast + Groovy RC1 is out!

Couple of things, first off there will be a live broadcast of the Groovy+Grails User Group (GUG) Meeting to be held in London thanks to our kind friends at Oracle. Registration is free, the only downside is that you will need IE6 for it to work, so whip out Parallels where appropriate ;-)

I will be speaking about dynamic tag libraries with Grails and John Wilson will be going in depth about Groovy's MetaClass, which has now been re-worked and is out in the wild thanks to the release of Groovy RC1!

Congrats to the whole Groovy team for a fantastic job, 1.0 is just round the corner!


Anonymous said...

Great ! I'm digging into it and it really seems powerfull and easy !

Thanks !


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