Monday, October 09, 2006

Grails making Java developers happy

Update: Even more great comments!

It is great when you get posts like this on the Grails user list. To go with all the other great posts about Grails:

"I just want to congratulate all the people who worked and are working
on Grails. I am new to Groovy and Grails but for me coming from Java,
it seems the way to go.

I saw a client last Thursday, he gave me the requirements for a small
application, I felt that I could manage to have a prototype ready
within a week with Grails, even without knowing too much about it
(almost nothing actually beside reading the articles and done the
"book" tutorial). I started to work on it Saturday morning, trying to
find my bearings all morning within the web documentation and the
"Groovy in Action" book. I started to write the domain classes in the
afternoon, got the CRUD pages working for 3 domain classes to my
satisfaction on Saturday evening. I worked on the page flow, business
logic and page layout most of the day Sunday and the prototype was
ready at 6PM on Sunday! Sweeeeeet!!!!

I just spent 3 months on a JSF-Spring-iBatis application that I could
probably have done in about 1 month with Grails. The "code noise
reduction" is impressive and the development cycle is very quick. I had
to restart the application only when I changed the domain classes,
otherwise it's a simple reload of the web page to see the change.

I am VERY impressed by Grails and the level of support that the team is
providing. Thanks so much to make that possible. Keep up the fantastic
work. I hope one day I will be able to help."


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